Winter Care for Your Harley-Davidson at Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson: Protect Your Ride in the Cold

As the chill of winter blankets Oklahoma, it's essential to think about your Harley-Davidson's wellbeing. At Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson, we understand the bond between you and your motorcycle, and we're here to guide you through winterizing your beloved Harley.

Resist the Urge: Why Starting Your Harley in Winter Isn't Ideal

It's tempting to hear your Harley's engine roar during the colder months, but this could be detrimental to your bike's health:

Moisture Risks: Just like how a snowman doesn't fare well indoors, starting your Harley in the cold can lead to moisture buildup. This unwanted moisture can cause rust and damage to your bike’s chrome and paint, compromising its integrity and appearance.

Battery Care Misconceptions: A common misconception is that a quick start will keep your Harley's battery charged. However, for a healthy battery, your bike needs more than a short engine run. Idle starts can deplete the battery's charge, reducing its lifespan and performance.

Smart Winter Care: The Harley-Davidson Battery Tender at Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson

To keep your Harley in prime condition, consider the Harley-Davidson Battery Tender, available at Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson. This tool is essential for maintaining your battery's charge throughout the winter, ensuring your bike is ready for the first ride of spring.

Your Harley, Your Choice – Winter Wisdom from Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson

While we love the sound of a Harley in any season, prioritizing your bike’s longevity with proper winter care is key. For those who prefer to keep their bike roaring in winter, we respect your choice, but for optimal care, we recommend the Battery Tender.

Prepare for Spring Rides with Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson

Ensure your Harley is in top shape for the upcoming riding season with our winter care tips. Visit Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson for all your motorcycle needs, and gear up for an epic riding season once the snow clears!