Explore the Epic Rivalry: Harley-Davidson® and Indian Motorcycle®

For decades, the American muscle bike scene has been dominated by a fierce rivalry between two iconic brands: Harley-Davidson® and Indian Motorcycle®. These legendary companies have been competing for supremacy, each pushing the boundaries of innovation and design in the motorcycle industry. At Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we're proud to be part of this thrilling narrative. Join us as we delve into the remarkable histories of these brands and discover why Harley-Davidson® continues to reign supreme.

A Legacy of Innovation: The History of Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle®

Harley-Davidson: A Tradition of Excellence

Founded in 1903, just two years after Indian Motorcycle®, Harley-Davidson has become the oldest continuously operating motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Surviving economic challenges like the Great Depression, Harley-Davidson has consistently delivered some of the most iconic and beloved American muscle bikes. Known for their robust engines, often exceeding 1800cc, and their impressive torque, Harley-Davidson bikes offer a blend of power, comfort, and control that is unmatched in the industry.

Indian Motorcycle®: A Storied Past

While Indian Motorcycle® holds the distinction of producing the first American motorcycle in 1901, the original company ceased operations in 1953. It wasn't until Polaris® acquired the brand in 2011 that Indian Motorcycle® saw a resurgence, reintroducing three new models in 2014 that revived the legendary Indian® spirit.

The Rivalry Resumes: A Modern-Day Duel

The competition between Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle® is more intense than ever, especially with Indian's return to the market. This rivalry is showcased in events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, where races between these two titans draw crowds from all over America.

Harley-Davidson Today: Unrivaled Dominance

Today, Harley-Davidson stands as the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the United States, commanding approximately 50% of the market share. This isn't just due to Indian Motorcycle®'s absence from the market; it's a testament to Harley-Davidson's commitment to excellence. They have cultivated an unmatched customer loyalty, with riders often joining the Harley Owners Group (HOG) to connect with fellow enthusiasts and enhance their riding lifestyle.

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