Rev Up Your Ride: The Next-Gen Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner

Are you a Harley-Davidson enthusiast in Tulsa, Oklahoma, looking to elevate your riding experience? Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson introduces the cutting-edge Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner, a revolutionary tool that brings performance tuning into the modern age. It's time to discover how this state-of-the-art device can transform your motorcycle into a high-performance machine, while staying 49-state emissions compliant.

Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner

Wireless Convenience Meets Precision Tuning

The new Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner offers both wireless and wired options, catering to your convenience. This advanced tuner is engineered to simplify the management of engine operating parameters as you make performance modifications. It's the ultimate tool for both novice and experienced tuners, providing seamless adaptability to your Harley-Davidson.

Stay Compliant, Stay Powerful

One of the standout features of the Pro Street Tuner is its compliance with 49-state U.S. EPA regulations. This means you can boost your bike’s performance without worrying about emissions standards. It's a rare blend of power and responsibility, ensuring your ride is not just exhilarating but also environmentally conscious.

Easy Installation, Effortless Tuning

The beauty of the Pro Street Tuner lies in its simplicity. Once installed, it allows you to adjust key parameters or upload the latest Engine Control Module (ECM) calibrations to match your bike’s state-of-tune. Starting with a high-flow air cleaner and Street Performance mufflers, you can upload the calibration that provides the best performance mix. As you add more Stage upgrades, simply upload the corresponding ECM calibration.

Access the Latest Calibrations Anytime, Anywhere

With the innovative Screamin’ Eagle Street Tuner mobile app, you have free online access to the latest factory calibrations via your smartphone. This feature is ideal for real-world street performance applications, offering the flexibility to adjust for bike-to-bike variation and various Stage kit upgrades, all while maintaining fuel economy.

Direct Communication with Your Motorcycle’s ECM

Unlike other aftermarket tuners, the Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner communicates directly with your motorcycle’s ECM, reprogramming the motorcycle’s operating system. The tuner discretely plugs into the bike’s data port, eliminating the need for splicing or under-seat hardware. It's compatible with the Screamin' Eagle Smart Tune Pro Automatic Tuning Module P/N 41000445A and does not impact your Harley-Davidson factory warranty coverage.

Advanced Features for the Tech-Savvy Rider

The tuner boasts a range of advanced features:

  • Bluetooth tuning via the Screamin’ Eagle Street Tuner mobile app.
  • A guided Smart Tune process for easy navigation.
  • Smart Tune Live for dynamic engine data tracking.
  • Runtime data storage accessible via PC or mobile app.
  • Adjustability in Spark Advance, Throttle Progressivity, and Volumetric Efficiency.
  • New performance widgets and features within the Mobile App.

An optional Tuner Cable kit (P/N 41001142) is available for environments with poor Bluetooth connectivity.

Elevate Your Harley Experience

The Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner is more than just a tuning device; it's a gateway to unleashing the full potential of your Harley-Davidson. Visit Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to discover how this tuner can redefine your riding experience. Rev up your engine and embrace the future of motorcycle performance tuning!