How to Wash Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is an unparalleled experience, but keeping it clean is key to both its appearance and performance. As you traverse various terrains, your bike collects dust, debris, and insects. This guide offers a step-by-step approach to effectively wash your motorcycle, ensuring it maintains a 'ready to ride' gleam. Special attention is given to different types of motorcycles, including those with chains, such as most models, and belt drives, like many Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which do not require lubrication after washing.

1. Essential Tools for Cleaning:

Prepare for the task by gathering your cleaning supplies in a spacious area. Opt for a motorcycle cleaning kit that matches your bike's finish, be it glossy or matte. You'll need a sponge, brushes for tight areas, a cloth, and a chamois for drying.

2. Pre-Wash Preparation:

Choose a shaded spot to wash your motorcycle to prevent soap from drying too quickly and causing streaks. Let your bike cool before starting the wash to avoid damaging it with cold water. Plug the exhaust with rags or gloves to keep water out.

3. Starting the Cleaning Process:

A good motorcycle cleaning kit will include a high-quality spray cleaner. Gently mist your motorcycle, allowing the cleaner to soften the dirt. Hold off on scrubbing immediately to prevent scratches. Use a standard-pressure hose to rinse away loosened dirt. 

4. Soap Application:

Carefully select the right cleaning product for each part of your motorcycle. Begin from the top and move downwards. Apply gentle pressure to avoid any damage. For bikes with chains, be cautious around the chain area to prevent soapy water from causing corrosion.

5. Rinsing and Drying:

Rinse off the soap as soon as you're done lathering to prevent streaking. Drying your motorcycle promptly is crucial to prevent rusting. Use cloths for large surfaces and an air dryer or leaf blower for hard-to-reach spots. Resist the temptation to dry it by riding, as this can lead to corrosion.

6. Finishing Touches:

 If your motorcycle has a chain, lubricate it after washing, as the soap and water may have removed existing lubricant. For Harley-Davidson motorcycles with belt drives, skip this step as belts do not require lubrication. Consider applying polish and wax for extra protection and a UV-protective sealant to preserve your bike's color.

7. Post-Wash Care:

While cleaning your motorcycle is essential, professional servicing is crucial for optimal performance. Our team at Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson® in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers top-notch services, parts, and motorcycle classes. We're proud to serve customers from Tulsa and surrounding areas. 


Now that your motorcycle is spotlessly clean, you're all set for your next journey. Remember, cleaning is just one aspect of motorcycle care. Consistent servicing is crucial for optimal performance, especially for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Visit us at Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson® for expert motorcycle care and services!