Harley-Davidson Service Bulletins

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TitlePublication Date
M1641: Touring Cooling Systems Identification4/12/24
M1490 (V 24.5.2): Digital Technician II - Updates and Release Notes4/11/24
M1623 (Rev B): 2024 CVO Touring Models, Road Glide, and Street Glide Initial Care4/5/24
M1612 (Rev A): Milwaukee-Eight and Twin Cam Transmission Gear Packs4/4/24
L1012 (Rev B): Recall 1002 - LiveWire S2 Del Mar Fastener Inspection4/3/24
OBSOLETE-M1616 (Rev A): Amplifier Software Update for 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) and Road Glide (FLTRXSE)3/28/24
M1478 (Rev B): Audio Components - Out of Warranty Process3/27/24
PAB1147 (Rev A): 2024 CVO Road Glide ST (FLTRXSTSE) Fitment of Detachable Items3/23/24
H-Dnet Search Integration Test - 3/22/243/22/24
M1634 (Rev A): Switchback Seat for Nightster3/21/24
L1012: RECALL 1002 DEALER LETTER & FAQ3/21/24
M1549: RECALL 0631 - 2021 Pan America and Sportster S Instrument Module Software Update3/21/24
M1551: RECALL 0632 - Regulatory Non-Compliance 2021–2022 XL Sportster Brake Fluid Warning Decals3/21/24
M1636: 2021–2023 CVO Spanish Owner’s Manuals3/21/24
M1637: 2024 Tri-Glide Ultra (FLHTCUTG) and Free Wheeler (FLRT) International Model Lighting Update3/21/24
M1633 (Rev A): Product Program 0928 - 2023–2024 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) Steering Ballast3/20/24
PAB1155: Screamin' Eagle Stage II Kits - Incorrect Labels3/20/24
L1011: 2024 S2 Del Mar Essential VSC Software Update3/19/24
L1010: Recall 1001 - 2024 LiveWire S2 Del Mar VSC Software3/18/24
L1009 (Rev A): 2024 S2 Del Mar Software Bundle Release3/18/24
M1635: Skyline OS Universal Software Update3/9/24
M1632: ECM Calibration Update to Address: Crank, No Start3/9/24
M1631: Revolution Max Oil Check Procedure Update3/9/24
M1626: 2024 CVO Road Glide ST (FLTRXSTSE) Replacement Owner’s Manual (USA Only)3/9/24
M1624: 2024 CVO Pan America Initial Care3/9/24
M1619: Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) U04438F and U04318F3/9/24
M1618 (Rev B): Recall 0185 - 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) Handling3/9/24
M1615: 2024 Revolution Max Charging System Changes3/9/24
M1614: 2022 Nightster (RH975) Speed Screen Kit3/9/24
M1613: 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) Brake and Clutch Line Clip Retention3/9/24
M1611: Milwaukee-Eight Transmission Shift Drum Update3/9/24
M1608: Revolution Max VVT Service Kit3/9/24
M1610 (Rev B): RECALL 0184 - 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) and Road Glide (FLTRXSE) Brake Line Clamp3/9/24
M1609 (Rev C): RECALL 0183 - X350 RA, X 350, X 500 Fuel Sensor3/9/24
M1607: Engine Temperature (ET) Sensor Connector Relocation3/9/24
M1605: Main Harness Repositioning On 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) and Road Glide (FLTRXSE)3/9/24
M1606 (Rev A): Alternate Brake Pad Service Kit (Part No. 41300022)3/9/24
L1007: Del Mar Telematic Control Unit (TCU) Fuse Addition3/9/24
M1604 (Rev A): RECALL 0182 H-D P&A Softail Shocks3/9/24
M1603 (Rev A): RECALL 0181 Softail Shock Adjuster3/9/24
M1601: Correction to 2023 CVO Service Manual Front Brake Disc Screw Torque3/9/24
M1600: 2023 Milwaukee Eight Oil Pan Fastener Change3/9/24
L1005: Bluetooth Pairing Instructions and Tips3/9/24
M1599: 50S/30K Headset Update for Infotainment Control Unit (IFCU) Compatibility3/9/24
L1004: LiveWire S2 Del Mar Essential Tools3/9/24
L1003: LiveWire S2 Del Mar PEU O-Ring Servicing Requirements3/9/24
M1598: Windshield Cosmetics for 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) and Road Glide (FLTRXSE)3/9/24
M1596: 2023 CVO Street Glide (FLHXSE) and Road Glide (FLTRXSE) Cooling System3/9/24
M1594: Temporary Wire Color Deviation In Hand Control Module Harness3/9/24
M1593: 2023 CVO Street and Road Glide Essential Tools3/9/24
M1572: Model Year 2023 Technical Support Documents3/9/24
M1592: Infotainment Control Unit Transport Mode Icon Indication3/9/24
M1591: Infotainment Control Unit (IFCU) Service Menu3/9/24
M1590 (Rev A): Revolution Max Cruise Control Switch Replacement3/9/24
M1589: Milwaukee-Eight Gasket Color Differences3/9/24
M1588 (Rev A): Tool Requirement for 2023 CVO Road and Street Glide3/9/24
M1587 (Rev A): Shock to Seat Bracket Hardware Inspection3/9/24
M1586: Screamin' Eagle Oil Pump Incorrectly Machined3/9/24
M1584: X350 RA and X 350 Incorrect Fork Lowers3/9/24
L1002: 2021–2022 LiveWire One Onboard Charger (OBC) Software Update3/9/24
M1583: 2023 Pan Am Radiator Improvements3/9/24
M1582 (Rev A): 2023 Pan America Windshield Improvements3/9/24
M1580: FLHCS Light Bar Bracket Hardware Damage3/9/24
M1579 (Rev B): Revolution Max BCM and ECM Update3/9/24
M1578: Revolution Max FOB Troubleshooting3/9/24
M1577: RH975 Nightster Battery Drain3/9/24
M1576: Warranty Policy Changes For 20233/9/24
M1574 (Rev B): X350, X 350, X350 RA and X500 Essential Service Tools3/9/24
M1573 (Rev C): Revolution Max Troubleshooting Tips3/9/24
M1507: Low/No Charging Diagnostics3/9/24
M1571: Revolution Max Clutch Part and Service Procedure Change3/9/24
M1569: Pan America and Sportster S Instrument Module Update3/9/24
M1568 (Rev D): RECALL 0635 - Touring and Trike Brake Light Activation3/9/24
M1567: Suspension Diagnostics C181014 and C1810643/9/24
L1001: Main Harness Temporary Wire Color Change3/9/24
M1566: RECALL 0179 - RH975 Handlebar3/9/24
M1565: Main Harness Temporary Wire Color Change3/9/24
M1564: Touring and Trike Fuel Tank Trim Cover Elimination3/9/24
M1562: RH975 (Nightster) - Hand Control Module Update3/9/24
M1560: Revolution Max Starter Clutch Gear Update3/9/24
M1559: Revolution Max ECM Update3/9/24
M1558: 2021–2022 Pan America Lower Radiator Hose Routing3/9/24
M1557: Touring and Trike Rear Brake Switch3/9/24
M1555 (Rev D): Battery Warranty Guidelines3/9/24
M1553: Revolution Max Special Tool HD-53023 Update3/9/24
M1551: RECALL 0632 - Regulatory Non-Compliance 2021–2022 XL Sportster Brake Fluid Warning Decals3/9/24
M1554: 2022 FLTRK, FLHTK, FLHTP - Heated Grip Substitution3/9/24
M1550: 2022 FLHXST and FLTRXST Seat Foam3/9/24
M1546: Revolution Max Jiffy Stand Hardware Torque Change3/9/24
M1545 - 2022 FLHTK and FLHTCUTG Alternate Auxiliary Lamps3/9/24
M1544: 2021 Touring and Trike Mechanical Clutch Cable3/9/24
M1543: Recall 0178 - 2021 Pan America Seat Base3/9/24
M1542: MY21 Transmission Dipstick Change3/9/24
M1541: Pan America/Sportster S Fuel Line PDI3/9/24
M1540: 2021 Pan America ECM Update3/9/24
M1538: Sportster S Low Ground Clearance3/9/24
M1539: 30K Wireless Headset3/9/24